Zulkey bits and pieces

Zulkey bits and pieces

There are some little bits and pieces I would like to share with the Internet but none of them can really be turned into a whole post, so here you go: it’s potpourri day.

1.) Funny Ha-Ha is returning next month with a fabulous lineup! Check it all out in our gorgeous poster right here.

2.) My husband Steve Delahoyde made a very nice short (as in three minutes long) piece about the origins of the poetry slam right here in Chicago (see below). You’ll probably like it.

3.) I wrote this piece for the Hairpin called “That Baby Wants to Break You Up.” It should be noted that a.) Coincidentally, life seemed to get a lot easier right after I wrote it and b.) It’s not meant as a cautionary tale against having children. I’m just not likely to write a piece called “Here Are All The Ways I Love My Adorable Baby.” It’s just meant as catharsis first, and maybe commiseration, second.

4.) Finally, Michelle Obama’s bangs! I don’t have much to say about them (they’re fine? But she was also fine without them.) But my mother wanted me to mention that Mamie Eisenhower was also famous for her bangs. Duly noted. Eek!