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"Tales of Old Santa Fe," by Jack Handey

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Santa Fe’s cowboy past and its New Age present collide in Jack Handey’s short sketches: an old-time landscape painter is challenged to a two-man show by a cocky upstart; a “fancy dude” buys a “double adobe casa” but finds he can’t understand local mores; and a celebrity feud between Ali MacGraw and Alan Arkin narrowly avoids violence. Handey, a longtime Santa Fe resident, is the creator of “Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey,” from “Saturday Night Live,” and is the author of “The Stench of Honolulu” and other books.

As a bonus, here are two stories Jack Handey recorded for Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen: Handey’s instructions on how to make your skeleton scarier and his speech to the Martians who have taken him captive.

Originally aired January 15, 2016

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