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The 'Skinny Budget,' The New Post-U.S. Trade Era, Jackson and Trump

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  • Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland have blocked President Donald Trump’s travel ban for people coming from parts of the Muslim world. Leon Fresco, an immigration attorney and former deputy assistant attorney general at the Justice Department, explains what's next. Fresco was also head of the Office of Immigration Litigation during the Obama Administration.
  • On Thursday morning, the Trump Administration released its "skinny budget" — a blueprint with total spending for each agency and department. Anna Chu, vice president for income security and education at the National Women's Law Center, has the details. 
  • When it comes to the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, what are healthcare providers around the country hoping for, and what are they concerned about? For answers, we turn to Dr. Cecilia Norris, the medical director at the Free Medical Clinic in Iowa City, Iowa. 
  • China’s 2017 National People’s Congress concludes this week, with 3,000 lawmakers convening in Beijing to discuss China’s economic outlook, President Trump, and the nation's trade relationship with the U.S. Keith Bradsher, Shanghai bureau chief of The New York Times, has the latest on the meeting. 
  • On Wednesday, China’s premier said the nation was looking to avoid a trade war with the U.S. But this week, world leaders are meeting in Chile to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership in a post-U.S. era of trade. Carlo Dade, director of trade and investment policy for the Canada West Foundation, a Calgary-based think tank, explains. 
  • The Takeaway examines the physical foundation of modern capitalism: Containers. We begin in the Port of Oakland's Outer Harbor, where Alexis Madrigal, editor-at-large at Fusion and creator of the podcast "Containers," explains how containerization changed the global trade market since the Vietnam War. 
  • On Wednesday, President Trump laid a wreath at the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home in Nashville, Tennessee in honor of the former president’s 250th birthday. Jackson’s portrait hangs in the Oval Office, and Trump aligns himself with Jackson’s populist legacy. Dr. Barbara A. Perry, presidential studies director at the Miller Center at University of Virginia, examines the similarities and differences between Presidents Trump and Jackson. 
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