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How Does Your Life Stack Up Against a Kenyan Woman's?

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(PRI/Faye Orlove)

The Across Women's Lives team is currently on the ground in Kenya reporting stories about women and entrepreneurship for a special series we're calling #OwningIt.

You might already know that Kenya trains the world's top distance runners, produces some of the most sought-after coffees, and is home to several of Africa's most popular wildlife parks and safari destinations. 

But did you know that Kenya is expected to be the world's third fastest growing economy in 2015, after China and the Philippines? Or that its capital, Nairobi, has become Africa's 'Silicon Valley,' attracting regional tech start-ups, venture capital firms and international tech giants?

What about Kenyan women? How much do you really know about them beyond what you've seen in the news? Time to test your knowledge! Check out our interactive quiz below to see how your home country stacks up against Kenya and its women.

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