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Watch These Canadian Mounties Parody Drake In A Road Safety Video

SHARE Watch These Canadian Mounties Parody Drake In A Road Safety Video

“You just sped right past my cruiser. You nearly hiiiiiiit myyyyyy legggg.”

That’s the message in a new video released by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia this week.

The safety video is called "Cop Light Bling" and parodies Canadian rapper Drake’s "Hotline Bling.”

A group of RCMP officers mimic Drake’s awkward dance moves as Constable Mark Skinner sings about the province’s Move Over law.

The six-year-old law makes it an offense to drive faster than 60 km/hour or the posted speed limit when passing a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights flashing. Motorists also must change to the lane farthest from the stopped emergency vehicle, if that lane is free and it is safe to do so. (That's the "move over" part.) But the rule apparently hasn't reached everyone.

“If you get a bunch of Mounties out acting like goof balls, singing and dancing and making a ridiculous video, it actually helps us get the message across,” explains Cpl. Jennifer Clarke. “The response has been overwhelming.”

The video has become a YouTube hit, with nearly half a million views so far.

Clarke — who appears in "Cop Light Bling" — says she and her co-stars tried to parody Drake’s moves.

“We are super-excited at how much of a response we’ve received. We had no idea it would go this far."


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