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WBEZ’s Chicago And Illinois News Roundup: June 8, 2018

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In this week’s Friday News Roundup, Morning Shift takes a look at local stories where institutions have failed children and where sexual abuse and harassment are being exposed.

First, we dig into the Chicago Tribune’s “Betrayed” investigation that showed widespread mishandling of student sexual abuse cases over a decade in the Chicago Public Schools.

We’ll also look at steps the district and state lawmakers are taking in response to the Tribune’s reporting.

Then, Mike Madigan and #MeToo. A third employee in the office of the powerful speaker of the Illinois House has been accused of misconduct, and this time, it’s a top aide.

Plus, a troubling investigation from ProPublica Illinois reveals that the state of Illinois is holding children in psychiatric wards far beyond their release dates.

We find out the what, how and why on that story and who’s being held accountable.

GUESTS:Gary Marx, investigative reporter at the Chicago Tribune

Duaa Eldeib, investigative reporter at ProPublica Illinois

Mick Dumke, reporter and columnist ProPublica Illinois

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