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Ethan Hawke On His New Movie ‘Blaze’: It’s ‘Celebrating Regular Life’

SHARE Ethan Hawke On His New Movie ‘Blaze’: It’s ‘Celebrating Regular Life’

It’s almost hard to believe that we’ve been watching Ethan Hawke for more than 30 years. Maybe that’s because he’s not the kind of actor that’s interested in churning out summer blockbusters featuring superheroes or giant robots. Sure, Hawke has been in a number of mega successes-think Dead Poets Society and Training Day. But one gets the feeling that he’s more at home on a small Broadway stage than he is on a Hollywood soundstage. In addition to acting, Ethan Hawke is a novelist, and a director of theater and film...which is how he’s made his way to our studio last week.  Hawke directed the film “Blaze”, about the late-and little known- singer/songwriter Blaze Foley. When he sat down with Morning Shift’s Jenn White, he talked about fame, art, creativity...and why he wanted to make a biopic that wasn’t really a biopic.

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