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The Life And Legacy Of President George H.W. Bush

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Ceremonies honoring the late former U-S President George H.W. Bush begin today- with his funeral scheduled for Wednesday. The 41st President died Friday at the age of 94.He’s being remembered for many things- from his Thousand Points of Light - rooted in his push for people to volunteer more, and his Read My Lips pledge on not raising taxes to his coalition building to confront Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and shepherding the end of the Cold War. Bush was a New England blue blood turned Texas oil man who immersed himself in Republican politics in the 1960s, setting off an ascent through the ranks that took him all the way to the Oval Office. A war veteran, Bush was also a two-term Congressman, ambassador to the United Nations, liaison to China, CIA director, two-term Vice President under Ronald Reagan, and finally president, a job he was said to relish.We talked with two people about the life and legacy of Bush 41: Jim Edgar is a former Illinois Governor who was governor during Bush’s second half in the Oval and ran his Illinois campaign for re-election. Michael Beschloss is a presidential historian and author of nine books, including his most recent out this fall Presidents Of War .

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