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China has one of the world's fastest growing urban populations. By 2030, China is expected to have 400 million people move from their countryside to their cities.

All of this urban growth is having a heavy toll on the environment.

China is already the world's second-largest consumer of energy and producer of greenhouse gases. One new coal-fired power station is being built every week.
The country is plagued by frequent toxic spills and near-lethal air pollution.

As cars have replaced bicycles as the main means of transportation in cities, China is now approaching Japan's level of car production.

While all of this looks pretty grim for the environment, not everyone has lost hope.

Gary Lawrence is the Urban Strategies Leader for Arup, the global consulting and engineering firm. He's the senior advisor on a project to build the world's first eco-city in outside of Shanghi. It's funded by the Shanghi Industrial Investment Corporation.

Gary Lawrence is a pioneer in helping make cities more effiecent. He was planning director for the city of seattle when the they developed their “plan towards a sustainable Seattle” in the early 90's
He subsequently serves as a advisor on urban sustainability programs all over the world.

The Dongtan project will incorporate the latest technologies, and some old favorites, to create a sustainable community of, eventually, half a million people.

Gary Lawrence explained China's interested in building an eco-city.

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