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Border Surveillance Technology

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Since 9/11, according to the Department of Homeland Security, the American government has spent more than U.S. $122 million on technology to secure the Canada-U.S. border. The number of U.S. border agents has almost tripled from 340 to 980. And under the U.S.-VISIT program—a system that grants quick access over the border for frequent travelers—biometric technology such as thumbprints and retinal scanning is now installed in 154 land ports of entry. That program has screened some 4 million visitors.

Meanwhile, on the Canadian side, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day recently announced an investment of Canadian $430 million on border security. This is in addition to the $433 million previously promised (since December 2001) to upgrade border security technology. Not to mention Canadian border guards will soon be armed, much like their American counterparts.

To talk about these changes we are joined by Professor Mark Salter.

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