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Dominic Girard at Pearson Airport

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It's a wall you begin to notice as you make your way to the customs gate. Your fingers rap the rubber handrail on the escalator. You feel a little fidgety as you take your place in line. And when your turn comes, your breath shortens a little, and your heart drops a beat when the customs official looks up to you to say, “Next please.”

It's what you experience crossing the Canada/U.S. border. And human history is filled with stories of walls being built and torn down between nations some physical, others political and psychological.

The changes are part of a larger trend since 911, and a future that is likely to bring us beefed-up security measures and surveillance technology such as drone aircraft flying the border between Manitoba and North Dakota, passports impregnated with RFID tags and retina scans.

But before we get to the 49th parallel of tomorrow, we wanted to check in at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Today Canadians flying into the U.S. and Americans returning home must carry a passport. To give us an account of U.S.-bound travelers are faring at the Departures Gate, we were joined by Dominic Girard, a producer on “The Current.” He was on the phone from Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

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