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Ali Abunimah

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Many call the Israeli-Palestinian crisis the world's most intractable conflict.  It's been conventional wisdom that the only way to end the violence is to divide the territory in two, after which the rest would come down to haggling over issues such as who gets what percentage of the land, who controls Jerusalem, the right of return and the dismantling of settlements.
Ali Abunimah challenges this conventional wisdom in his book One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse. Ali is the creator and editor of the Web sites The Electronic Intifada and Electronic Iraq and he's a frequent writer and speaker on the Middle East.
In his controversial book, Ali argues that ultimately, long-term peace in the region can only be achieved by establishing a single, united, democratic state comprising both Israelis and Palestinians. Ali takes examples of other seemingly intractable conflicts such as Northern Ireland, South Africa and the Balkans as plausible prototypes on how to make the one-state solution a reality.

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