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International Fair Trade Day

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International Fair Trade Day

In many developing countries, women are economically marginalized. They have the capacity to contribute, but lots of time they lack the opportunity to fully participate.

Fair trade aims to help these women and other producers who get cut out of the benefits of trade. Organizations like Ten Thousand Villages, MayaWorks and many others, move these workers from the margins into the global marketplace.  

When these communities get the opportunity for equitable trade and training, they gain invaluable self-esteem.  Many of those given opportunities from fair-trade move on to leadership positions.

Susanne Donoghue is a founding member and manager of the fair-trade retail outlet, Ten Thousand Villages, in Evanston and a board member of Chicago Fair Trade.  

Sarah Cunningham is the product manager at MayaWorks, a fair trade nonprofit that has been working with groups of Mayan artisans in the central Guatemalan highlands.

Sarah Cunningham began by telling Jerome how MayaWorks got started.

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