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Nuclear Weapons 2.0

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Nuclear Weapons 2.0

During World War II, when Harry Truman first learned about the new weapon that the Manhattan Project had developed, Secretary of State James Byrnes urged its use on Japanese cities.  

Byrnes told Truman he wouldn't have to worry about any other countries getting the bomb, because he thought the US could corner the world Uranium market. 

But it couldn't corner the market.

Instead, nuclear weapons technology spread... to the Soviet Union , then to Britain & France , then China , Israel , India , Pakistan and now North Korea .

William Langewiesche is Vanity Fair's international correspondent and the author of several books, most recently The Atomic Bazaar: The Rise of the Nuclear Poor.

While researching the book, he traveled to secret contaminated nuclear cities in Russia , traced the path of uranium smugglers through Central Asia , and followed the international proliferation network of the “father of the Pakistani bomb,” A.Q. Khan.

He told Jerome things were safer when the Soviet Union and the US provided nuclear deterrence to the rest of the world.

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