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The Perils of Journalism in Iraq

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The Perils of Journalism in Iraq

An Iraqi newspaper reporter was kidnapped while leaving a relative's house in Baghdad and found dead several hours later, his newspaper reported today. The attack occurred in an increasingly volatile neighborhood in Baghdad .

The attack comes three days after two Iraqi journalists working for ABC News in Baghdad were ambushed and killed as they drove home from work on Thursday. As of yet, no information has surfaced on the perpetrators. Two weeks ago, three journalists and their driver were shot dead in northern Iraq .

Some 104 journalists and 39 media workers have been killed since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, more than any other war.

Susanne Fischer is Iraq Country Director for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. She splits time between her work in Suleimania in Northern Iraq and her native Berlin , Germany .

Susanne is co-author of the book Cafe Baghdad : Astonishing Daily Life in New Iraq.  Her latest book is called My Women's Living Collective in Iraq or The Villa at the Edge of Insanity. In her book, Susanne talks about her work as a journalism trainer in Iraq , where violence is not the only threat to the Iraqi media. There's routine harassment from both Iraqi officials and U.S. soldiers.

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