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Reform of Indian Government and Politics

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Reform of Indian Government and Politics

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan is the leader of the Indian people's movement turned political party: Lok Satta.

Between 1980 and 1996, Dr. Narayan worked as a civil servant in the state government of Andra Pradesh.  By the time he left, he had determined the Indian political culture was deeply and systemically flawed. 

So, he started Lok Satta to try to reform what he thought were some of the worst aspects of Indian politics. Like, massive and secret campaign funding; over a hundred members of India 's parliament facing criminal charges; impossibly complicated bureaucracy; and sub-par infrastructure and sanitation.

After 9 years as a civil society NGO, Dr. Narayan's Lok Satta people's movement decided to form a political party.  But he wants to do more than just win elections; his plan is to bring a new political culture.

Unlike other parties, it has direct elections for party candidates and leadership, it guarantees representation to women and minorities, and it is the only party that has complete transparency when it comes to their fundraising activities and sources of their finances.

Dr. Narayan had sworn off politics when he left the state administrative service over a decade ago, but with the formation of the Lok Satta political party he's gone back into the fray.

He told Jerome why he felt like he needed to get back into government.

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