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Blowing the Whistle on A.Q. Khan

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Blowing the Whistle on A.Q. Khan

Richard Barlow (Photo by Tim Kupsick, AP)

While US and UK intelligence agencies were unable to break up the Pakistani illicit procurement network, the US Congress passed a couple of important amendments to pentagon spending bills. 

The Pressler Amendment blocked aid to any country that acquired a nuclear weapon, and the Solarz Amendment stopped any aid to countries attempting to illegally export parts for a nuclear program

Rich Barlow had been trying to disrupt the Pakistani networks operatives in the US with an interagency team called the “Nuclear Export Violations Working Group.”

In 1987, after a widely publicized sting operation, Rich Barlow was sent to testify at a closed congressional hearing about the scope of the Pakistani program.

His sworn testimony exposed the fact that Congress had been being lied to by the intelligence agencies—including the highly decorated General sitting right next to him.

Rich Barlow explains why he—as a young intelligence analyst—ended up running counter-proliferation operations against Pakistani agents.

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