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Sunday Times Cracks the Sibel Edmonds Story

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We're continuing our National Security Whistleblowers series on Worldview.

Sibel Deniz Edmonds is a former FBI translator who says she saw evidence of “criminal activities involving US officials.” After she blew the whistle, the government used the “State Secrets Privilege” to silence her in court.

Sibel first came to public awareness in a 2002 60 Minutes piece, and much of what is known about allegations came from a 2005 Vanity Fair article by British journalist David Rose. (It even prompted a letter of complaint from Dennis Hastert's lawyer. Hastert was implicated in the allegations of bribery and corruption by Turkish agents)

After the Supreme Court refused to hear her case, upholding its dismissal on State Secrets grounds, Sibel's story disappeared from the media. But this year was different. In January, the British Sunday Times newspaper published an explosive three-part series into Sibel’s allegations.

On Worldview today, we talk to Joe Lauria, an investigative journalist who worked on the Sunday Times series and we'll hear the first part of Producer Jonah Meadows' interview with Sibel.

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