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Why Investigate the Sibel Edmonds Case?

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Phil Giraldi — Former CIA Officer Stationed in Turkey, Author, Found in Translation

Phil Giraldi is a former CIA officer who is now an international security consultant with Cannistraro Associates. He wrote a length piece about Sibel's case for the American Conservative magazine, called: Found in Translation.

Here's a brief excerpt:
 Sibel Edmonds makes a number of accusations about specific criminal behavior that appear to be extraordinary but are credible enough to warrant official investigation. Her allegations are documentable: an existing FBI file should determine whether they are accurate. It???s true that she probably knows only part of the story, but if that part is correct, Congress and the Justice Department should have no higher priority. Nothing deserves more attention than the possibility of ongoing national-security failures and the proliferation of nuclear weapons with the connivance of corrupt senior government officials. 

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