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Covering War as a Solo Journalist

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Covering War as a Solo Journalist

Edie Rubinowitz, Assistant Professor of Journalism at Northeastern Illinois University's Department of Communication, Media and Theatre hosts this week for Jerome McDonnell.

This week, Worldview presents a week of shows on the media's reporting of global issues in our Covering the Lens series.

How well did the American media cover the war in Iraq ? How has technology changed today's coverage?

We'll ask those questions — and more of journalists, media analysts and academics as they talk about the recent past — and future of international news coverage. Today, we'll spend the hour with the first internet correspondent for Yahoo! News.

Journalist Kevin Sites is author of the book In the Hot Zone: One Man, One Year, Twenty Wars. And he's Creator of the Yahoo! website Kevin Sites In The Hot Zone.

Like the title suggests, Kevin traveled to 20 conflict zones. Through his book and the web, he tells more personal stories from the regions — about child soldiers and child brides, survivors - the so-called "collateral damage" of war.

He's a pioneer in the field of new media. He goes it alone as a solo journalist — or “sojo” — with a laptop and video camera.

Kevin came to prominence from one of the biggest stories of the Iraq war.  In November 2004, as an NBC News correspondent, he videotaped a U.S. Marine shooting a wounded Iraqi insurgent in a Fallujah mosque. The tape created more opportunities for Kevin in the mainstream media, but he took his life in another direction.

And Edie asked Kevin what made him turn away from a promising career with a major network towards "backpack journalism”...

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