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The Media on Iraq: Liberal Bias

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The Media on Iraq: Liberal Bias

Edie Rubinowitz, Assistant Professor of Journalism at Northeastern Illinois University's Department of Communication, Media and Theatre hosts this week for Jerome McDonnell.

We continue our week-long look at how American media cover the world in a series we're calling Covering the Lens.  Today's focus is on how the media have covered the war in Iraq

Earlier you heard from Greg Mitchell, who feels that the mainstream media dropped the ball on the run-up to — and aftermath of the war.

Rich Noyes is Research Director of the Media Research Center and he believes the media display a consistently liberal anti-war bias, not balancing bad news with U.S. accomplishments in Iraq .

Rich also researches and writes Special Reports for the Media Research Center . His reports are a foundation for the book "Weapons of Mass Distortion" by the Media Research Center 's president, Brent Bozell.

Edie asked Rich to tell her what the Media Research Center does.

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