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Indigenous Rights in Bolivia

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Indigenous Rights in Bolivia

Bolivian Methodist Bishop Carlos Poma

In Bolivia, President Evo Morales and a group of opposition governors face a recall vote on August 10.

With this referendum we want to deepen and accelerate the nationalization and recovery of natural resources," Moreles describes the vote as a choice between "nationalization and privatization".

Morales looks able to survive the recall vote. But there are governors in gas rich regions that have had recent autonomy referendums that may not be so lucky. 

Jerome spoke recently about the divisions in Bolivia with Bishop Carlos Poma. He represents the Evangelical Methodist Church of Bolivia.  Poma was here to address the United Methodist church in Northern Illinois at their annual conference. Methodists here are establishing a 4 year partnership with the Methodist church in Bolivia .

Bishop Poma is from the Aymara nation – one of Bolivia 's 37 indigenous groups.Many Aymara would like to see the exradiciton of former olivian president Sanchez de Lozada. He resigned during the political upheaval of 2003 and fled to the United States along with his defense minister. In June, thousands of people protested outside of the US embassy demanding his extradiction.


His remarks are interpreted by Gary Cozette from the Chicago Religious Leadership Network on L atin America
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