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Senegalese Journalist Confronts Senegal President Wade in Chicago

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In the West, Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade is often heralded as a beacon of democracy for bringing multi-party politics to his country in 2000.

Journalism advocates see him differently. In recent years, press freedom in Senegal has begun to erode. In a letter to Wade, the Committee to Protect Journalists wrote of an "increasing pattern of physical attacks and threats against independent journalists." Wade and top government officials say that the Senegalese press has gotten out of hand.

Last month in Chicago, Wade spoke about climate change to an audience at UNITY, a conference for American journalists of color. A fight erupted during his address when Senegalese journalist Souleymane Jules Diop spoke out. The president's supporters beat Diop, who was promptly removed from the conference.

Diop worked for a former prime minister of Senegal, a one-time ally of the president, who ran against Wade in the 2006 election. Currently, Diop lives in Montreal. He travelled to Chicago to raise awareness about press abuses in his home country.
Jerome spoke with Diop to find out more about the incident...

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