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U.S. Really Surprised by Georgia-Russia Conflict?

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U.S. Really Surprised by Georgia-Russia Conflict?

By all official accounts — from the Pentagon, the State Department and the White House — the U.S. was completely caught off-guard by the explosion of fighting last week in Georgia and its secessionist enclaves…

But at the same time as the Georgian military was launching its offensive against rebel militias in its disputed South Ossetia province, it was participating in a major military exercise called Immediate Response 08 with the 170 U.S. military advisors in the country.

This morning's New York Times cites an unnamed military officer as saying the Georgian offense on S. Ossetia  “caught us totally by surprise”…but when the Georgians didn't show up for their the IMMEDIATE RESPONSE 08 military drills with U.S. advisors, they could have guessed something was up.

George Freidman is the founder and CEO of  Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting, Inc, a private intelligence firm based in Texas)

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