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Faith and Fanaticism

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Faith and Fanaticism

People can get carried away with most anything. Even their faith. Religious fanaticism has become a top concern for policy makers and the public in recent years. Overly devout followers now kill more people than at anytime since the Crusades.

Finding ways to bridge religious differences is more important than ever.  Rabbi Brad Hirschfield does that hard work. He's president of CLAL - the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.

We'll spend the hour with Rabbi Hirschfield

He brings some heavy experiences to his interfaith work. As a young man, he left his home on Chicago's North Shore to live with militant settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron.

He's written a book about the lessons life has taught him. It's called You Don't Have to be Wrong for Me to be Right: Finding Faith Without Fanaticism.

Rabbi Hirschfield was raised in what sounds like a moderately religious family. He explains what happened when at the age of 12 he decided to become Orthodox.

Originally broadcast on March 21, 2008.

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