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Economic Bailout: Are we Sweden?

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Economic Bailout: Are we Sweden?

Yesterday, the government got a little closer to approving a financial plan to save the U.S. economy. The Senate handily approved the deal. The House is expected to vote on the 700 billion-dollar package tomorrow.

For our next two guests, the U.S. economic crisis -- and the subsequent political fallout -- feels a bit like déjà vu. One was heavily involved in the Sweden ‘s response to a banking collapse in the 1990s . The other predicted Japan 's decade of economic stagnation.

While Sweden and Japan responded very differently to their economic crises, both offer lessons on the current situation here in the United States .

…First, we go to Sweden . Cecilia Skingsley is the Head of Macro Research for Swedbank (like wed). She was Press Secretary for Sweden 's Treasury Department during the country's fiscal crisis in the 1990s...

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