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Global Activism: Treating TB in North Korea

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Global Activism: Treating TB in North Korea

A delegation delivers a re-supply package for mobile X-ray vehicle. (Eugene Bell Foundation)

It's Thursday, and time for our Global Activism series. Each Thursday, we hear about an individual who's decided to work to make the world a better place.

It's not very often that we hear from activists working in North Korea , but our next guest has been working there for over a decade.

The Eugene Bell Foundation brings medical treatment facilities to North Korea .  They're currently involved with 40 facilities that help treat over 1/3 of North Korea 's population.

The Eugene Bell Foundation is the primary source of tuberculosis medicine and diagnostic equipment for North Korea . TB is the country's biggest health challenge.

Stephen Linton is Founder of the Eugene Bell Foundation. He was essentially a sugeestion from the Chicago Global Donors Network. Steven was in town for their Annual Conference on International Giving last week.

But Stephen is not the first in his family to work on the Korean peninsula…

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