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The Plastic Plague

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The Plastic Plague

As part of our series Chicago Matters: Growing Forward, this week we'll take a look at waste issues around the world in a series called The World’s Waste. Today, we'll talk about plastic.

In efforts to reduce the number of plastic bags littering its streets, Ireland placed a tax on the plastic sacks used at the cash register. As a result, consumption dropped dramatically.

Last year, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to ban non-biodegradable plastic bags from large supermarkets.

And Walmart just announced plans to eliminate the equivalent of more than 135 million pounds of plastic waste globally by selling more affordable reusable bags in its stores.

But plastic grocery bags aren't the only source of plastic trash. Our newspapers come wrapped in plastic — we drink out of disposable plastic water bottles — and we frequently eat off of plastic plates.

That's why the Earth Resource Foundation has started a campaign to encourage consumers to change their plastic habits. It's called the "Campaign Against the Plastic Plague."

Stephanie Bargeris Founder and Executive Director of the Earth Resource Foundation and Jerome spoke with her about the project...

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