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Christian Member of Israeli Knesset

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Christian Member of Israeli Knesset

Nadia Hilou, an Israeli citizen and Palestian Christian, juggles as many responsibilities as she does identities. 

A social worker by trade, she's a longtime advocate of children and family rights. Additionally, she is one of 17 women and only two Christians in the Knesset, Israel's legislative body. 

She is in Chicago today, in part, to support a local fundraiser for her reelection campaign. A comedy troupe of Christian Arabs, called the Infidels of Comedy will perform for Nadia Wednesday, October 8 at the Arts Center of Oak Park. The troupe includes local writer and global comedy veteran Ray Hanania.

The evening will explore with humor the challenges facing Christian Arabs in the Middle East . The event will also support the Mar Elias Branch Campus in Galilee . The schools believes in building peace thru education.

Nadia talked about her hometown…

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