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Building a "Culture of Peace"

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Building a "Culture of Peace"

Dr. Hiro Sakurai

Although you  may not know it, we are in the waning years of the UN Decade for the Culture of Peace. The idea is to promote the implementation of a culture of peace at the local, national, regional and international levels and to ensure that governments will take the lead in fostering a renewed push for global peace. Dr. Hiro Sakurai is Former President of the United Nations Committee for Religious NGOs.

He was in Chicago recently as part of a nationwide speaking tour about a culture of peace and to support the Chicago Culture of Peace Resource Center located 1455 S. Wabash. Currently, Sakurai is with Soka Gakkai, a lay Buddhist organization geared toward fostering interfaith dialogue and world peace.

Hiro Sakurai told Jerome what he means by a “culture of peace."

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