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U.S. Attacks Syria

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U.S. Attacks Syria

This weekend, U.S. helicopters attacked and killed eight people in Syria along the Iraq border. The U.S. says the strike successfully targeted a man known to funnel foreign fighters into Iraq.

Iraqi officials condemned the attack. Syria's foreign minister called it a “criminal and terrorist aggression.”

Iraqi officials condemned the attack. Only unnamed government official have commented on the attack. They say the target is dead and they have his body, but they won't say how he was killed.

Although it's still not clear who ordered the raid, the U.S. government officials say it was meant to send a warning to Syria.

Joshua Landis is the Co-Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma. He also writes the blog, “Syria Comment.”

Jerome asked him what part of the U.S. government ordered the attack...

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