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Crisis in Gaza: Israeli Perspective

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Crisis in Gaza: Israeli Perspective

Palestinian fighters in Gaza fired rockets at Israel today. According to an Israeli army spokeswoman, three rockets landed in open areas in southern Israel where they caused no casualties or damage.

The armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement said in a statement it fired rockets in response to the overnight killing of one of its members by Israeli security forces in the West Bank . Israel responded to the latest rocket attacks by completely sealing off the impoverished territory, halting the delivery of humanitarian supplies sent by aid agencies.

The Middle East diplomatic quartet consisting of the European Union, Russia , the UN and the United States yesterday condemned “indiscriminate attacks on Israel ” and expressed “its acute concern” over the humanitarian impact of the restrictions.

The incidents come just two days before the Egyptian-mediated truce in and around the Gaza Strip expires. Hamas leaders indicate they probably won't renew the truce. The Quartet called for the truce to be extended.

An opinion poll published today by Jerusalem 's Hebrew University shows that 51 percent of Israelis support a continuation of the truce while 44 percent oppose it.

Among Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank , 74 percent favor an extension of the ceasefire and 23 percent are opposed. The study was carried out by Israeli and Palestinian pollsters.

Gershon Kedar is Deputy Consul General for the General Consulate of Israel to the Midwest based in Chicago . The latest round of violence seemed to start in early November when Israel went in and broke the cease fire and Jerome asked Gershon what was behind those attacks…

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