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Crisis in Gaza: Palestinian Perspective

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Crisis in Gaza: Palestinian Perspective

The unwritten six-month truce in Gaza between Israel and Hamas is due to expire on Friday. Negotiators between Israel and Egyptian intermediaries hope to get the deal extended.

Since May of 2007, Israel has a blockade on Gaza after Hamas routed the forces of the Palestinian Authority.

Later we'll hear from the Deputy Consul General of Israel in the Midwest, but first let's hear from Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj in Gaza . He's Director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme.

The latest round of violence started on Nov. 4th.. Israel came into Gaza and they said there were tunnels aimed at kidnapping Israeli soldiers. Twenty Gazans were killed. Since then, more than 250 missiles have been fired into Israel .

Jerome asked Eyad Sarraj about the latest round of violence…

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