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The Global Reach of the Russian Mafia

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The Global Reach of the Russian Mafia

Russian Mafia Graves

Joe Serio — Author, Investigating the Russian Mafia; Editor-in-Chief, Crime and Justice International Magazine

The Russian Mafia is among the most feared criminal organizations in the world, but it doesn't work like the classic mafia you see in The Godfather or The Sopranos. There are no “Five Families” of the Russian Mafia…actually calling it the “Russian Mafia” is some what misleading interms of how it work ands who's in it.

Now Russian organized crime groups are global.

They traffic drugs, guns, people but also legitimate consumer goods and energy. The Russian political economy blends together with crime groups. Joe Serio is the author of Investigating the Russian Mafia.

After the fall of the Soviet Union , Joe became a security consultant for the global corporate intelligence firm, Kroll Associates, eventually becoming director of the Moscow office.  

Sairio had a very unique experience in Moskow. He was the only American to work in the Soviet Union 's Organized Crime Control Department...

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