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Siege on Gaza Continues - Part I

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Siege on Gaza Continues - Part I

Palestinian mourners pray over the bodies of people killed in an Israeli strike (FADI ADWAN, Associated Press)

We'll spend the hour talking about the situation in Gaza.

Israel has rejected calls by visiting European Union diplomats for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. A Hamas spokesperson continues to call for a cease fire on its own terms, with all Israeli troops pulled back, the lifting of the siege and the opening of all border crossings.

President Bush said today, "I understand Israel's desire to protect itself. The situation now taking place in Gaza was caused by Hamas."

Later, Jerome will talk with Amotz Asa El. He's a columnist for the Jerusalem Post. But we'll begin with Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University. His upcoming book is Sowing Crisis: American Dominance and the Cold War in the Middle East.

Rashid started by talking about Israel's goals in Gaza…

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