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Health Care in Israel and the West Bank

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Health Care in Israel and the West Bank

The International Red Cross has called the violence in Gaza a “full-blown humanitarian crisis.”  As the violence continues there, aid workers are finding it increasingly difficult to provide health care.

Israeli army bombardments and gunfire have prevented medical teams from getting victims to hospitals.  The Palestinian Red Crescent gave the example of one woman who went into labor in the northern part of Gaza City this weekend.  She called the emergency hotline to transport her to a hospital, but medical teams could not reach her because of the bombardments.  The woman and two of her sisters ended up being killed by the Israeli army while walking to the hospital.

The Palestinian Red Crescent reported today that more than 12 paramedics, doctors, and volunteers have been killed in the violence thus far. Practicing health care in the Palestinian territories was challenging, even before Israel 's offensive began.

Alice Rothchild is Co-organizer of the Jewish Voices for Peace’s Health and Human Rights Project.  They send delegations to Israel and the West Bank to provide health care and material support to Israelis and Palestinians.

She's also the author of the book Broken Promises, Broken Dreams: The Stories of Jewish and Palestinian Trauma and Resilience.

Alice Rothchild told Jerome where the Jewish Voices for Peace's Health and Human Rights Project came from…

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