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The Economics of Sex Slavery

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The Economics of Sex Slavery

While slavery was abolished in most places over a century ago, nearly 30 million people live in slavery today. Most slaves are forced to do farming, mining, or housework for slave-owners. But over 1 million of those enslaved are trafficked sex slaves. Abducted or deceived by slave traders, these women and children are taken from their homes and forced into prostitution, often in a foreign country. While sex slaves represent a small percentage of enslaved people worldwide, they make nearly 40 percent of the profits earned by the slave industry.

Siddharth Kara is a former investment banker who decided to find out why sex slavery is so financially lucrative – and therefore prevalent. He gathered his findings in the book “Sex Trafficking: Inside the World of Modern Slavery.” Siddharth Kara told  Worldview how he got interested in the economics of sex trafficking.


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