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Iran: Dangers of Unionizing

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Iran: Dangers of Unionizing

Teachers Protest in Tehran

Iran 's “Green Movement” released this month a series of bold statements calling for reform. Among those involved in the treatise were opposition presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi and a number of exiled religious intellectuals and university professors.

The statements set tough preconditions for a political truce: resignation of current leadership, new democratic freedoms, prosecution of security forces engaged in violence against the opposition and the end to politics and cronyism in universities, the clergy and the military.

Other demands include an independent judiciary, freedom of mass communication, release of political prisoners and recognition of women's groups and labor unions.

Homayoun Pourzad represents the Network of Iranian Labor Unions. The group calls itself an “independent labor organization…dedicated to providing assistance to Iran 's fledging trade union movement with…resources, information, and international trade union support.”

And Iran doesn't have what we'd recognize as independent labor unions. But there are labor laws, labor ministries and labor organizations in the workplace. Homayoun details the dangerous labor situation in Iran

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