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Haiti’s Future

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Haiti’s Future

Relief workers prepared for a woman-only food distribution system in Haiti’s capital, launching a new phase of what they hope will ensure that families and the weak get supplies following Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12 earthquake. Photo by: AP.

It's been three weeks since the earthquake struck Haiti. And conditions on the ground remain difficult. More than a million people have been left homeless. And much of the country's infrastructure has been destroyed. Food aid has begun to trickle into the black market and discussions about rebuilding the country have ignited new debates about how to distribute aid and who should oversee its dispersal.

Steven Werlin is on the faculty of Shimer College, he says the earthquake will bring major changes to Haiti. He works with Haiti's largest micro finance bank, Fonkoze and he's lived in Haiti for more than a decade. He was in Haiti when the earthquake hit. Steven tells us how he thinks the earthquake will reshape Haiti's future.

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