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Is the wild boar the new global pest?

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Is the wild boar the new global pest?

The wild boar, more than a creature of myths and colonial cuisine, is the cause of thousands of car accidents in France.

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For centuries, the wild boar has been something straight out of myth. But as author and poet Jeffrey Greene learned, these creatures are very real — living by night and thriving on six continents despite shrinking habitats and hordes of hunters.  They don’t have natural enemies, but the boar is in constant conflict with humans. The beast not only damages crops and livestock, but is estimated to cause some 14,000 car accidents a year in France.

When author Jeffrey Greene purchased a home in the Burgundy region of France, he soon realized he’d moved to one of the most densely populated boar areas in Europe.

Jeffrey wrote about his experiences with the boar in his book The Golden-Bristled Boar: Last Ferocious Beast of Our Forest.  He tells us about the trouble this pesky creature causes in the wild and in urban areas.

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