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Worldview 7.29.11

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Worldview 7.29.11

Prime Minister Naoto Kan tells reporters that he wants Japan to learn from its ongoing crisis and wean off nuclear energy.

AP/Shizuo Kambayashi

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said something few expected ever to hear from a Japanese leader: He called for the country to become a society that “can do without atomic energy.” Daniel Aldrich, a Japan expert and political science professor at Purdue University, dissects the statement and examines what a nuclear-free Japan would look like. And we examine nuclear power in India. The nuclear nation never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, making it an outcast among NPT nations for decades. The situation changed in 2008, when the U.S. reversed its ban on nuclear trade with India and the countries began to cooperate. Sumit Ganguly, director of research at Indiana University’s Center for American and Global Security, discusses India’s evolving energy sector.

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