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Suicides in China-controlled Tibet continue to rise

In recent months, a number of Tibetans have set themselves on fire in public to protest Chinese rule. Photos and videos circulated online show a startling scene: onlookers cheer as another life is sacrificed in a show of resistance against China.

Though the self-immolations aren’t new, they are rising steadily and spreading to more areas. Meanwhile, China is scrambling to tighten its grip on the parts of Tibet where these self immolations have occurred.

Worldview talks to Tenzin Jamyang, a local Tibetan, to help make sense of the unraveling situation.

Note: In this interview, our guest incorrectly states the meeting time of an upcoming protest. The Tibetan Alliance plans to gather at 11AM, not 8AM, on February 8 at the Water Tower in Chicago.

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