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How the U.S. lost South America

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While the U.S. economy has struggled in the last decade, South America's has thrived. And as the U.S. deals with near record poverty, South American countries are ramping up social spending and broadening their safety nets. For the first time, it looks like the U.S. may need a dose of South America’s economic advice instead of the other way around.

Hal Weitzman is author of the book, Latin Lessons: How South America Stopped Listening to the United States and Started Prospering. Hal covered the changes in South America for the Financial Times. He’s now the FT’s Chicago and Midwest Correspondent.

Hal Weitzman will speak tomorrow morning (Feb. 14) at a Chicago Council on Global Affairs event at the Chicago Club.  He will also make some bookstore appearances on Feb. 16 at Afterwords bookstore (23 E. Illinois, 6.30pm) and Feb. 23 at Unabridged bookstore (3521 N. Broadway, 6.30pm).

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