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Worldview 7.17.12

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A woman smoking in Pingyao, China.

A woman smoking in Pingyao, China.

Flickr/Szymon Kochański

A woman smoking in Pingyao, China. (Flickr/Szymon Kochański)

Tuesday on Worldview:

Smoking on the rise globally: Cigarettes are one of the top causes of preventable deaths worldwide. The global effort to fight cigarette smoking received a massive boost in 2005 with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the world’s first global public health treaty. We’ll speak with Dr. Judith Mackay, senior advisor to the World Lung Foundation, about the global campaign to curb smoking.

Here, There: Abortion in Mexico: Mexico City legalized abortion in 2008, a controversial move in this heavily Catholic country. While the Supreme Court upheld the law, it created a backlash where some states in Mexico have decided to impose further restrictions on women who want to terminate their pregnancies. Also, several countries in Latin America ban abortion under all circumstances, including the rape and the mother’s health. Ana Langer, a professor at Harvard University’s School of Public Health, joins us to discuss reproductive issues in the region.

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