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Worldview: December 28, 2015

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Fighting for better rights in Guatemala. Every year, the Guatemalan Human Rights Commission awards the Alice Zachmann Human Rights Defender Award. This year the award went to Prensa Comunitaria (Community Press). It’s a community media organization in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. We’ll speak with Lorenzo Mateo Francisco. He’s a Q’anjob’al indigenous leader and a member of Prensa Comunitaria. He’s also director of the community radio station in Huehuetenango. He’ll tell us about how the Guatemalan government shuts down media it views as adversarial. Syrian clarinetist uses music to work for peace- Kinan Azmeh is a world renowned clarinetist. He plays in Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble and he’s a musical ambassador for the UN’s “What Does it Take” campaign. It’s goal is to draw attention to Syria’s four year-long civil war. We talked with Azmeh about his life growing up in Damascus, his career and why putting a stop to war in Syria is his current life’s mission. He also performed for us in WBEZ’s Jim and Kay Mabie Performance Studio.

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