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A history of US/Puerto Rican relations, Worldview in India

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A history of US/Puerto Rican relations -- Puerto Rico’s relationship with the U.S. is long and complicated. Nelson Denis joins us to discuss the legacy of U.S. influence in Puerto Rico. He’s the author of War Against All Puerto Ricans Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony. The book looks back at the history of U.S. intervention into the politics of Puerto Rico and is based on interviews, oral histories, congressional testimony and recently declassified FBI files from the 1898 U.S. invasion through today. Worldview in India (a look back) -- Earlier this year Worldview traveled to India with the India Development Service (IDS) to meet with the organizers of an initiative to educate, house and uplift rag-pickers' and their children. Rag-pickers are people in India who rummage through refuge to make a living and for their very survival . Worldview spoke with Ashish Jain, director of Indian Pollution Control Association, about how he is teaching the rag-pickers how to recycle and develop the garbage they sort. The group provided a space for this rag-picker community by building a small village within a Delhi garbage dump. IDS helped fund an on-site school for the rag pickers’ children.

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