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Tracking and Stopping Police Brutality

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Craig Futterman, right, a University of Chicago law professor, with other members of a police watchdog group, addresses media, Thursday, April 5, 2007, in Chicago where he said research shows the Chicago police department does not police itself. Futterman and watchdog group members, Gerald Frazier, center, of Citizens Alert, and Locke Bowman, left, legal director of the MacArthur Justice Center, said little has been done to stop abuse by officers and pushed for an independent review agency to investigate allegations of police misconduct.

Charles Rex Arbogast

Craig Futterman, a Chicago based lawyer, founded the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project at the University of Chicago’s Mandel Legal Aid Clinic, over 15 years ago. The clinic is a staple for Chicago communities, who have suffered at the hands of the criminal justice system. Futterman joins Worldview to discuss the hurdles to preventing ongoing police misconduct, and why he feels it is so challenging for officers to be held accountable. Futterman is also clinical professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School.

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***Warning: some may find this content disturbing***

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