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"The Wines Report" with Emily Wines: Exploring Italy’s Amari

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Emily Wines in Studio

Emily Wines in Studio

Viviana Garcia-Blanco

Amaro is the Italian word for bitter and also is also the name for the bitter drink consumed all over the country. Italians have a taste for bitter in a way that Americans don’t. Everything from their coffee, colas, and dishes, have a distinct bitter taste unlike anywhere else in the world. Today, we explore different regions of Italy to better understand this unique flavor for our “The Wines Report” segment. Wine expert, Emily Wines is one of only 149 people, and one of a few women in the Americas, with the designation of Master Sommelier. Beyond just taste, she’ll take us on global journeys to learn about wine culture, history, and communities.  Wines is also vice president of Wine & Beverage Experience for the Chicago-area winery, Cooper’s Hawk.

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