WBEZ Mobile App

Download the WBEZ app to your phone or tablet so you can listen anytime, anywhere to your favorite shows and podcasts.

About The App

  • Radio Your Way

    Listen to WBEZ on your terms. Save your favorite shows for later or listen along live.

  • Never Miss A Minute

    Rewind the radio to go back in time and re-listen to a show with our revolutionary rePlay feature.

  • WBEZ To Go

    On the bus, at work or on the run—you’re only a tap away from WBEZ. Never miss a minute, no matter where you are.

Key Features

Introducing rePlay

The revolutionary rePlay feature lets you go back in time and listen to shows for seven days after they air on the radio. It’s like having a week of WBEZ at your fingertips.

Record and Save for Later

Our build in radio “DVR” automatically records programs and saves them in the cloud so you can listen later. When you’re ready, just press play or download shows to your device so you can listen whenever you want.

Follow Your Favorites

Got a favorite show or topic on WBEZ? When you follow something in the app, we’ll automatically add shows to your queue so you’re only a tap away from the things that matter the most to you.


Access your favorite podcasts like This American Life, Serial, and Sound Opinions right from the app. Download episodes for future listening or revisit your favorites from last week or last year.

Listen Live

Can’t tune in on your radio? The app brings you our live broadcast right to your phone or tablet.

Download It Now

It's free at your favorite app store.