Board of Directors

Chicago Public Media’s Board of Directors establishes policies for the governance of the organization and is responsible for general oversight of the management of the organization.

Board of Directors meetings are open to the public. Click here to view upcoming meetings.

Updated March 22, 2022

Directors & Officers

Updated May 17, 2022


  • Piyush Chaudhari, Chair
  • Liz Thompson, Secretary
  • Marcy Carlin, Treasurer


  • Steve Baird
  • Howard Conant Jr.
  • Raymond E. Crossman, Ph.D.
  • Thomas Fisher, Jr., MD, MPH
  • William A. Gee IV
  • Bruce Heyman
  • Roger Hochschild
  • Adrienne King
  • Lerry J. Knox
  • Nivine Megahed
  • Sylvia Neil
  • Kedra Newsom
  • Robert Pasin
  • Julian Posada
  • Bernardo Sichel
  • Jessica Sieja
  • Bryan Traubert
  • Laura Van Peenan
  • Dilnaz A. Waraich